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Our Process


1. Set-Up:

  • Protect heavy items by moving furniture to the center of each room. Furniture is protected by plastic and/or dropcloths.
  • Protect wood floors. Special protectors are used.
  • Protect carpet and vinyl using drop cloth.
  • Protect counter tops, cabinets, and railings.

2. Prepare:

  • Remove mold.
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Clean woodwork.
  • Caulk and spackle holes, gaps, voids, and imperfections.

3. Paint:

  • Prime any imperfections and new construction.
  • Apply two coats of quality products for a consistent professional finish.

4. Clean:

  • Return furniture and accessories to original positions.
  • Sweep and vacuum floors.
  • Remove all project tools, equipment, and trash from site.
  • Inspect final product.


1. Prepare:

  • Protect shrubs and plants with plastic or drop cloths.
  • Power wash your home, if necessary.
  • Scrape peeling paint.
  • Machine and/or hand sand surfaces.
  • Prime bare spots and caulk gaps.

2. Paint:

  • Hand paint, brush, and/or hand paint all quoted areas. We will NEVER spray your home.

3. Clean:

  • Clean paint chips from all areas.
  • Sweep walkways.
  • Inspect final product.


All of our work is guaranteed for three years.

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